Top 10 Browser Games Reviews

Top 10 lists are restrictive, aren’t they? So we’ve made this list as inclusive as we can. On this list you’ll find shooters, card games, RPGs and every kind of MMOs you can play and enjoy online. The games on this list are also a good mix of popular and underrated titles. Check them out! They’re in no particular order.

Global Strike

Everyone knows Global Strike, the high-octane, low-resource browser FPS where you don’t need plugins. It has old school graphics but who cares when you can play as an infected monster who can go around infecting others? Global Strike endures, if you can ignore the pay-to-win bent and enjoy as much as you can with what you have.


Did you enjoy Facebook’s farming games? Then you’ll enjoy Farmerama, the 2D farm game from Big Point that lets you raise animals, plant fields and trade with neighbors. Community is big here, just be careful about buying things. It’s best to play slowly over time, or you may find yourself spending upwards of $1000 a year to speed up.

Adventure Quest Worlds

If you’re a casual gamer who’s looking for a game you can quickly get into, Adventure Quest World is one of them. The 2D offering by Artix Entertainment has original art style and is frequently updated. You can enjoy open battles with other players “it’s not turn by turn but real-time battling, which is nice. It’s not a very sophisticated game, but hey, casual gamers are just as legitimate audiences as those who want more depth and action.

Crystal Saga Origins

Crystal Saga II is a sequel to the pretty 2.5D virtual world of Crystal Saga. The classic original was huge for a browser world, with over 50 outdoor maps and the fantastic battle wings feature. Crystal Saga II is going to alpha will open in August.


This card game is more than a card game. It’s a fantastic, fast-paced turn-based RTS that looks like a card game. It’s still in production, but you can be one of the alpha testers and find out how much fun the game really is. It’s quite complicated but it’s easy to learn. Make sense? You don’t collect deck like other CCGs, but plan build orders and play matches to advance. Check it out.

Sanctioned Renegades

This one is a great FPS with RPG elements, such as the system of unlocking achievements, weapons and guns. The 3D graphics and the music may be a little dated but the design is realistic and this is the best available so far on browsers. Plus it’s free to play


This is one of those new trading card games (TCG) or collectible card games (CCG) that have become so popular recently. We think it’s also one of the best of the lot. It has more details than any card game you’d have played before. You can get into the game very quickly, but when you’re in you’ll find a lot of depth in strategy. The animations are gorgeous and you don’t have to buy decks to enjoy the game.


If you ignore the fact that this game is like a hodgepodge of many different styles of RPG, you’ll find Wartune is actually quite an enjoyable and fun game. The art is good, even if it is a little gratuitous. The battles are turn-based and they don’t look off. The PVP dungeons and the world bosses work like they should. There’s probably not a lot of innovation on the game, but it is steady, lightweight and a nostalgic traipse through classic RPGs likeWoW III and Diablo. Overall, though, it’s a lot of fun to play, a dark fantasy with daily quests right on your browser. Plus there are 1000-player


This one is an interesting play-for-free offering from Big Point. It’s a naval shooter where you control submarines, join clans, trade, and get a lot of action. It’s not had updates in a long time but the game is still fun to play and sees new members often.

Freefall Tournament

In this massive multiplayer third-person shooter, you’re thrown right into the middle of the action. You don’t have time to notice that the story behind the space war isn’t really fleshed out. You can enjoy the amazing character classes and weapons and jetpack across the open map while defying gravity and fighting battles in mid-air. Fighting is a lot of fun in the game, and that’s all you really need. Just be sure not to fly too far from your target or you may lose them!