Best Online Browser Based MMORPG Games

Now you’ll probably enjoy a list of the best online browser MMORPGs of all time. Everyone has their list of favorites. We’ve chosen the ones below based on a few criteria. The games must have simple controls. They must be accessible, or they wouldn’t be casual games would they? Plus they must be pretty. And they must have a satisfying gameplay and they MUST BE FUN! Tall order? Not really, when you look at the fantastic browser games being released every year since 2010.

Once upon a time,Runescape and City of Steam would have been on our list. Now City of Steam is resting (not retired) says the website and Runescape is aging (plus it needs a new client). We’re only including games not older than 2010, so as to not feel like old geezers. Read on!

Drakensang Online

This is an isometric classic, with a top-down view that you’ll particularly love. The graphics of Drakensang are beautiful, a little like Diablo III. It’s also got great, immersive music, and ambient effects. It plays on almost all browsers and is free to play. What’s not to love in this 3D epic hack n slash ARPG? It’s also one of the few European games of its kind. Well, if equal opportunity and all that matters.


Realm of the Mad God

This madcap one-life open-world browser game throws you in the middle of a world surrounded by monsters and bosses, as well as players who can join you for open party quests. You have one life, and the game is fast. It’s pandemonium. It’ll be good to know that any browser can handle it since the graphics are pixelated (trust us, the zippy gameplay makes up for it).

Dead Frontier

This 3D game is as it sounds “a zombie survival shooting game where you battle for survival in a huge post-apocalyptic world. It’s got charming classic graphics. You might call it outdated, but then it was one of the few horror shooters for browsers. It’s also got a game economy managed by players. We suggest keeping a reign on how much you spend on every new weapon that is released. Try looting instead, it’s loads of fun!

BattlestarGalactica Online

Don’t write off this game even if space shooters are not for you. You play human or cylon, join factions, travel through some jaw-dropping visuals of space, and engage in some really scary flight fights. The game is definitely not bland and probably the only space shooter we’re likely to ever play. Take our word for it. It’s a lot of fun.

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Arcane Legends>

You can add the Arcane Legends app to your Chrome browser and enjoy hours of gameplay like we did. Then pick up where you left off on your Android or iPhone. It’s one of the best games of its class “casual cross-platform hack n slash MMO. It’s got some beautiful graphics, which is what sold us, and then the solid gameplay followed. Plus, who can resist the highly customizable pet system where you can adopt turtles with bite attacks, raging fire elementals, and even Death with a Scythe to follow you around in your battles?


We’ve all played some form of the classic Snake game growing up. But we feel is one of the most deceptively simple browser-based MMORPGs out there. You could spend hours carefully feeding to grow long and fat, and protecting yourself from other mischievous and disruptive snakes. Where the depth of the game comes in, is in the decisions you must take about when and how to collide into slower, larger snakes so that you can get them to burst and cannibalize them. Slither is a very clever and clean take on the classic snake game, and it’s been very well adapted into the MMO scenario.

Therian Saga

The role-playing game by French company Virtys Inc. in 2014 is, in our opinion, one of the top sandbox-style open world RPGs out there. The world of Myriaden is rich and full of detail. The storyline is intriguing. You can explore, navigate through different terrains, and we think the crafting system in the game is one of the best. It’s complex and doesn’t limit you to one skill or trade. This is an indie game that is free to play and has a very loyal community. We think it deserves a lot more attention than it has received so far.

New World Empires

This 2016 release is in closed beta, but the game is set in the 19th century colonial Europe where everyone is scrambling for new lands. If that sounds exciting, wait for the official release.