Top 10 Addictive Games Of 2016

<h4>That really important work you’ve got waiting for you? Well, it can wait, because the browser games on this list are super-addictive.</h4>

If you’ve already played League of Angels to death, you’ll want to check out our picks of some of the best browser games that were released in 2016. We’ve chosen the games on this list for the reasons that people usually play browser games: many of these games are great to play with friends; most don’t need to be downloaded and don’t need a super powerful machine.

League of Angels II

The Flash-based combat-focused League of Angels II is a sequel to the popular LOA. It has good 3D graphics, over 60 heroes to collect, and addictive gameplay in which you travel across a fantasy land, fight orcs and dragons, and complete quests.

Top 10 Addictive Games Of 2016

But the few jarring notes are the poor translations in some places, the automatic gameplay and the fact that when you get to the PVP arena, you’ll find everyone else has the same team as you!2017/78692/60797

Clash of Avatars

Don’t underestimate the adorable anime-style characters and charming graphics of this adventure 3D game. The game plonks you right into a cute-creatures-gone-wild mayhem with vicious bunnies and swamp monsters.

It’s a fun and fast, free-to-play game that is so easy to play you’ll probably find yourself on level 40 before you release your controls the first time you play just kidding, not. It has a bright, social ambiance and lots of PVP and PVE modes, plus more than 60 avatar customizations.

Fruit Warriors

This is another cute anime-style game from 37Games, where you can recruit friends and other players to fight monsters, enhance weapons and equipment and enhance skills in EXP dungeons.

Again, don’t take the cutesy characters lightly. The game has surprisingly deep strategy elements, where you and your friends have passive and active traits, and weaknesses and strengths depending on your class. Contrary to what many people think, you can easily play your fill without paying to be VIP.

The Black Watchmen

This game is not technically from 2016 (it was released in mid-2015) and it’s powered by Steam, not your browser.


But we couldn’t resist putting it on the list of MMORPGs, since it merges the real world with the game world really well and you use a browser for part of the game. You join the Black Watchmen, and solve paranormal events and ritual murders solo or collaboratively with other players. You do this by browsing mock-up websites, puzzles and other clues on the internet, via your browser. If you’ve got Steam, check this one out!

Metal War Online

Lovers of Sci-Fi shooters will enjoy this Russian game that pits tanks from the future against one another.


The battles are super high-speed and earn you resources to upgrade your vehicles and fight more battles. There are lots of game types to choose from, including Capture the Flag and Team Death Match. Our two complaints against the game is the lack of a tutorial, and the fact that if you don’t pay for upgrades, the waits before leveling up (and more currency) can be long.

Nords: Heroes of the North

This strategy MMORPG by Plarium (of Vikings: War of Clans fame, another game to try) has fantastic artwork and brings in elements of RPG as Elves, Northmen, Dragons and Orcs battle it out against the Ice Queen and the eternal winter threatening the land of Shingard.

Famous voice actors (Family Guy’s Patrick Warburton), 3D battles, champions that you can customize are the highlights of this game. You can also play it on iPhone and Android.

Naruto Online

If you’re a fan of anime you’ll definitely want to play the flash-based Naruto Online. The world of Konoha you’re dropped into is gorgeously drawn and animated. If you’re like us, you’ll probably spend quite a bit of time exploring, entering Japanese-style buildings and clicking on quirky NPCs

Screen_Shot_2015 02 06_at_7.17.42_PM

This official Bandai release lets you play as Naruto or Sakura. Or you can play as one of the additional characters representing the elements. You’ll be solving quests, creating your ninja team, enhancing your team’s fighting abilities and fight bosses or other players in multiplayer arenas. There are also monthly events and lots of features that unlock as you level up. The combat is turn-based Street Fighter style.

Attack on Titan by Feng

This is a 2015-release and it’s probably like no browser game you’ve played before. Sadly, not all machines can play it, plus you’ll need a very good connection.


But if your machine can handle it, the unique gameplay and fantastic spiderman-like combat built on the Attack on Titan anime will make you very, very happy. The game uses the Unity Web Player which Google Chrome and Edge don’t support, the sillies. So you’ll need IE, Firefox, Safari or Opera to play.

Titans of Time

Nostalgic for old school RPG? You should check out this game. It’s browser RPG on crack.

It’s a 3D browser game, and has styled itself “for real gamers”. So you get to explore the fully interactive world, customize your character through many options, battle epic monsters, craft objects, carry out NPC quests, fight PVE and more. But PVP is encouraged, and you get bonus kill experience if you play PVP. The indie game is still in the beta stage though, so here’s hoping for a quick full release.

If you’ve enjoyed isometric, turn-based RPG titles like Therian Saga, you’ll find that Flamefrost Legacy is a fantastic little gem. The game tries to emulate the tabletop RPG spirit, and it does it better than any other similar MMORPG.

Flamefrost Legacy

The gameplay is rich with choices. You can play four races and four classes, with plenty of alignment, predisposition and origin options. You carry out quests, pick up as many as 43 life skills along the way, craft objects etc. There are lots of in-combat skill options, far more than you’d expect in a browser game.

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