The Most Popular Web Browser Games Of 2016-17

If you would like to know what web browser based free games were reliable and not spam in 2016, here are some popular games to know about. You can find the top three web browser games detailed here of 2016 and 2017.

New Project – Missionary Boys

Missionary Boys = Mormon Boyz
Missionary Boys = Mormon Boyz

Missionary Boys will take you to the whole new level of gay adult entertainment. This fantasy website is all about recruitment methods applied to naive and innocent missionaries. They want to join The Order – they need to take a series of physical exams. And they get very graphic. Missionary Boys is rebranded version of Mormon Boyz and you can expect all the adventures to continue!

Special Nomination for 2018 – Growl Boyz

Growl Boyz - Official Logo
Growl Boyz – Official Logo

Below you will find 2016 edition of top games, but staying in the loop, we need to mention something big coming pretty soon – in summer of 2018. It’s the growl boyz adventure, where ancient cult of homosexuals is still trying to become super powerful in 2018. How? By doing sexual things that are pretty taboo in today’s society. See what exactly it is at their official website.

Top Three Web Browser Games Of 2016

10 Bullets

This has been a favourite of those who love to shoot around on the virtual screen. The game is based on a retro theme with casual shooters around. You are given ten projectile with which you need to shoot down spacecraft, as many as you can.

A Dark Room

The name might seem familiar to you after all the dark room game rooms that have become popular across cities. However this is a web browser based game that gives you a thrill similar to what you would experience in real life. The adventure game is based on texts and menus which help one to build up a community in a wilderness area. One needs to survive animal attacks for which supply and logistics management is important. Adventures are detailed and gruelling in this game.

Abobo’s Big Adventure

This is a game that gives tribute to the eight bit era game that was named Abobo. Here the muscled hero of Double Dragon has a mission to rescue his son which is mostly done by punching adversaries in the face. Visuals of the game are old school and several classic title cameos are used. There is pixelated gore and a bygone era action to enjoy.

You can read more about these games and others that became popular in 2016 by going here:

Top Three Web Browser Games Of 2017

Travian Legends

This is a game where you start by creating a small settlement after which you grow a tiny town around it and then form an empire. You would play as one of the tribes, Gauls, Romans and Teutons who trade, fight and compete with other players.

Tribal Wars 2

This is a cross platform and free to play MMORTS game. This game focuses on strategic battles that are fought real time. This game requires players to use their strategic wisdom as well as military strength to lead soldiers in battles or fortify their castles.

Conflict Of Nations

This is another browser game MMO format that is free to play and is a real time strategy game. Players get to control a world nation and they are faced with a global war situation.