Top Free Browser Games To Play

Lots of browser games claim to be “Free to Play”, but then slam you with scenarios in which it’s impossible not to Pay to Win. The list of games below can definitely be enjoyed without making expensive – or any – purchases at the game stores.

Of course, if you’ve got cash to spend on weapons and other consumables or upgrades, you’ll probably level up faster. But then there are usually lots of better things to put your money on than browser games which could just as well be won without expense.


Ederon is an online card trading game that’s free to play. It has very interesting lore backing the 1000-plus unique cards that you can collect and trade. There are many paths to battling enemies and this makes Ederon quite versatile. Your goal in the game could be simply to battle others and come out on top. Or you could become a collector of fantastic cards. You could also get together with friends, enjoy challenges and not spend any real cash at all. The soundtrack is fantastic, though the graphics have aged (quite well, it should be said).

Summoner’s Legion

This is another, recent card collecting game that is free to play. You can build up your own deck of units and skills, join battles, and generally build as powerful a deck of cards as you can. It runs on any browser without client downloads.

Tribal Wars 2

If you enjoyed Tribal Wars, you’ll enjoy part 2 by InnoGames. It’s a massive RTS set in a medieval world where you can grow your villages, build your empires, join allies against enemies and generally focus on best utilizing your resources to meet endgame. Beware “these games are long. One game can go on for a couple of years.

Tales of Solaris

Set in a charming fantasy world of machines and magic, with classic anime elements, Tales of Solaris is an MMORPG from Game 321. It’s one of those free games which are easy to play. The art is bright and friendly. The learning curve is easy and there are lots of pets you can adopt for your adventures. There are six classes, turn-based adventures, and thankfully, there is only an option to automate combat if you’re feeling too lazy or nervous. It’s interesting that the original name of the Chinese-made game was Tales of Laputa, where Laputa is Hayao Miyazaki’s Castle in the Sky, which is also a steampunk world.

tales of solaris screenshot 4

Dino Storm

This free to play 3D has a fun, engaging setup where dinosaurs, cowboys and lasers “all our adolescent fantasies – come together in one world. In the game, you get to raise a dinosaur, combat outlaws, solve quests, and do a lot more. It’s also a popular Facebook game, which may account somewhat for the fact that the game hasn’t seen an update since mid-2015. It also runs with the help of a client that you have to download to your browser.

Gunslinger Girl

May have had some high points as a story of innocent schoolgirls trained to be assassins. It seems this game tries to do something similar. There’s an alien attack in Tokyo, and it’s up to well-armed (and stacked) Japanese schoolgirls to guerrilla-fight their way through various weapons. This is an MMORPG with niche appeal. If anime and loli gun-wielding girls are your thing, or you’re simply looking for something different in the strategy genre, check the game out. The combat needs a little getting used to, especially since not all the Japanese voice-overs have been subbed.

As you can see, this list is a good mix of eclectic games that we think will appeal to a wide range of tastes among gamers. Do you have any other suggestions for free-to-play games that don’t have an eye on your wallet all the time?