The Atlas Of Browser Based MMO’s

If you’re new to browser games, this is the page to stop by. Not only do we love games, we love sharing them and talking our mouths off about them. We’ll be happy to help out with your initiation.

You should start at the term MMO “that’s Massively Multiplayer Online. MMOs are typically huge games on multiple servers that you play online with your friends or strangers from around the world.

Now, MMOs can be browser-based or they may need to be downloaded (like EVE Online, Elder Scrolls Online etc.). The second kind usually involve downloads, sometimes very heavy downloads of several GB in size.

We prefer the browser-based MMOs, since these are really lightweight, can be played at your friend’s place without heavy or long download times, don’t (usually) need you to buy anything, and often you can play the games on your mobiles too. In most cases, all you’ll need to do is register for an account (or login with Facebook, Google etc.) and you can start playing instantly.

Types of Browser-Based MMO

There are 2D browser games and 3D games. 2D is not always inferior. Some very engaging MMOs are 2D, like the fantastic retro Game of Bombs. Social games like the pixelatedHabbo (you won’t mind the pixels, trust us) are fantastic and popular. In fact, social games like the 2008-and-still-running Small Worlds, and the very creativeRoblox are excellent multi-platform browser games in 3D worlds too.

You’ll find 2D games under the Fantasy, Sports, Sci-Fi, Fighting and Social genres, if you like to play by genre.

Then there are various genres of 3D MMOs

MMORPG: These are MMOs with RPG elements “a consistent world where you play as a character with skills, weapons etc. that you can upgrade and enhance as you progress through the game. These include games likeDragonbone Dynasty etc.

Strategy: Think Age of Empires on browsers, only better. Among modern developers, InnoGames does strategy quite well, with the medieval Tribal Wars 2 being the latest release, involving tribes, tribe quests and RTS (real time strategy) where you must grow your city and choose factions to survive and conquer. Another good example is Supremacy 1914, a World War 1 RTS.

Shooter: Classic shooters like Global Strike are simply shooting games on your browser.
Trading Card Games: Trading card games (TCG) or Collectible Card Games (CCG) are the classic tabletop games we used to play converted to browser games. There’s a lot of innovation going on in the TCG front. Some games allow traditional deck-building, while others have tried to bring in elements of RPG into the game. There’s a huge potential for innovation on the TCG front.

Anime: Anime games are usually games based on specific popular anime, like Naruto or Bleach. They are mostly made by Asian developers. Many, though not all, have a tendency to become money guzzlers, where you just can’t advance without buying stuff.

How to pick a game to play

There’s a chance that you’re going to find a game we haven’t reviewed here. And you may fail to notice that it’s a game designed to take your $$$. If you find that after you’ve got to level 10 without spending anything, you just can’t level up without a new weapon or a new consumable that can only be purchased (and not won through events or quests), then you should immediately run.

There are some games that are too much of a grind to play without paying, but they can very well be completed without in-game purchases. It’s up to you to take your time through them.

Have any other questions about browser MMOs? Let us know.

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